Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cross Stitching

I see I haven't shared a picture in a long time of my current Cross Stitch picture... Here is one taken today. It is prettier in person and badly needs a pressing.  I'm probably 85% done. Right now I'm filling in some of the background.  Soon I will be starting on that pretty yellow rose and the outlining of all the leaves and flowers will make them pop off the fabric even more. 

Granddaughter was over Tuesday and I was relaxing while she watched a program. I started stitching and she asked me "Grammy will you make me a picture?"  me: "of course honey. What do you want it to be?" Her: "I want a princess, a castle and a carriage in it."

hmmmm.  We got in the computer and she spent about 30 minutes on my lap and we searched stitching sites, Amazon and found nothing like she wanted. She kept saying to me: "go back to the tea cup Grammy."  This is what she wants and it is on order. I like it and will enjoy stitching it and am glad she will have one that she will enjoy as she matures and this Grammy visualizes it in her adult home in a special place.

Wednesday when I was stitching she asked me "when will mine be done?"   haha

I have taken up another Hobby or Project: Genealogy.  Wowzer is it fun and very time consuming.  I am working on my maternal Grandfather's family and can't get any farther back than my Great Grandfather who was born in 1824... the hunt goes on.  Several weeks into this project I did some research on ways to organize all information one finds: printed paper and digital files. It is better to organize them in the same manner.  There are a lot of blogs and written articles on doing genealogy search and I appreciate them.  After a lot of contemplation I choose a non -binder type of organization. I'll talk about all this in a later post. 

The only problem with taking up Genealogy is I'm not scrapping... Soon I will balance it out; probably after summer is over. Gardening is thrown in this mix also.  

I will soon be doing a layout, soon, for my Granddaughter's book about her love of fancy headbands. She is four now. I know, hard to believe...  here is a cute from the behind picture of her helping Grampy paint our house. Seriously; a girl has to have the right accessories for painting; especially a big purple flowered headband.  She continues to charm us. 

I was bored with pictures etc. on our walls and moved some around.  In our 'more formal' sitting room I put three pictures I've stitched above the fireplace. On the mantel are four Lenox flower figurines I love and have had quite a few years.  The one in the upper right is an embroidered piece and the other two are called Brazilian embroidery.  The dimensional flowers are all done with needle and floss.  This is what it looks like. 

That's all for now. Take care all. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Putz Houses, Glitter Houses... more information

Hi all.

I've had some requests to share a tutorial on how to make the glitter houses I did. See here to see them

I have not had time to do so but will soon.  In the mean time this is a very good tutorial I found, done by Robin.

I just finished graphing out two styles of houses that had instructions online; but they were very tiny... I tried enlarging them on my printer and after about 15 minutes of failing I grabbed some graph paper and got to work. I actually like that process so it was fun for me.  

A neighbor of my daughter saw the houses Dori and I'd made for her and she wants to do one with her daughter with me instructing.  So a Putz Party will be planned and we'll craft/paint/glitter together. I'll do one and they'll follow along.  Will be fun.  I also owe my sister in-law in CA some instructions... have been putting together a folder of such to mail her. Hopefully we can Putz together when visiting there this year.  

I have learned that a person can spend hours/days searching the Internet for glitter house patterns, instructions and one ends up back to the same sites; will share soon; but Robin's site has some links at the bottom to check out.  I have been printing out colored photos of Putz/Glitter Houses that have a detail I like and want to copy.  

This link takes you to my Pinterest Board of ideas I'm saving. Also if you do Pinterest do a Search with these titles:  glitter houses, Putz house, vintage putz house, vintage putz church, glitter church, glitter village, putz glitter house, made in Japan putz.  If you don't enjoy the construction part of the houses go to Etsy and do a search for Putz houses, miniature house and you can purchase pre-made ones... all they need doing is painting, decorating and glittering if you desire. 

Oh in closing: when is the last time you saw a phone booth?   We sure don't see them around here anymore but yesterday we met some friends for Brunch in Edmonds (they celebrated their 30th wedding anniv.) and hubby and I spotted a phone booth by the restaurant. We were surprised and felt it was "picture worthy":

Bye for now..........

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Hi all....I haven't done any hand stitching in years. All of a sudden last January I got an itch to do it again.  Being I have several kits on hand I went to that box and chose this Counted Cross Stitch picture.  I try to work on it one hour a day.  

Quite a few people ask me "how can you do that?"  That makes me smile as to me this is very simple given the hard work of designing and making the kit are all done for me. 

This picture was taken today:

This is what the finished picture will look like:

This is what it looked like in January... I've come a long way! 

I hope you all have a great weekend.... happy stitching or whatever you do that makes you happy and is creative.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glitter House crafting, Scrapbooking, Granddaughter sitting and Gardening........ whew!

Hi all. I finally changed my header image (from Valentine's Day) to this pretty picture of a little girl. (I can't get it centered though...). I think that is a fabulous photo.

Some of you may remember my baby Granddaughter... she's 4 now and is a good young dancer. Recently she was invited to perform a 1 minute solo dance at a fundraiser.  She likes entertaining and being on stage. Daughter took this pic of my granddaughter backstage waiting to go on stage and perform. I hear she did her routine flawlessly. 

I'm busy tending to the spring gardens and planting annuals. I got two tomato plants in the one spot in my yard that gets sunshine 7-9 hours a day.  Now I have to wait for 60 days to eat fresh tomatoes.

Scrapbooking still has my interest as does card making.  A new hobby is making Tiny Glitter Houses: traditionally called Putz House. It is an old art/craft form. A friend introduced me to them by asking me "Have you seen those tiny glitter houses on Pinterest?"  Me: "no". So I did a search for them and fell in love.  She and I and another friend have gathered twice and had a blast cutting, gluing, priming, painting and glittering away... glitter seems to be everywhere in my home right now.  Granddaughter fell in love with them and with help just completed her second one.  She's a glitter lover.

I plan to make two sets. One set being a Village of 5-6 houses in light pastels for Spring. The other set will be 5-6 houses in Christmas colors.  I am working on teaching myself how to design my own house (not being an engineer is hindering this process).  I can't comprehend the dimensions or shape to add dormers... but I think I'll succeed.

An interesting site with links at the bottom of the article here is:

Here are some pictures of what I've done so far: 2 houses and 1 church.  I'm not done putting in windows, putting on a few embellishments and staging the houses with bottle brush trees. The cake plates in these pictures are antiques.  

Below are the houses my two friends and me made.  

...and that is what the table looked like when we were done... you should see the floor!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend all.